Winnipeg Home Workout Season

These are weird, & unprecedented times in Winnipeg, and around the world…

Even as I first start to write this I can hear chat about Covid-19 aka the Coronavirus all around me.

It’s impossible to escape the constant talk about it, and understandably so.

This virus has spread like wild fire, & Canada has taken extreme measures to try & contain it.

Even some businesses in Winnipeg have shut their doors to try & keep the number of cases from skyrocketing.

One of the businesses that closed their doors is the gym I exercise at, & several gyms have since followed suit.

The closing of the gym I go to takes me back to those years when I got the majority of my exercise at home.

Home workouts are nothing new to me, but they may be to many people reading this.

Or they might not know how to progress the handful of exercises they do know.

That’s where us as Physiotherapists come in!

As experts/nerds on human movement, we want to help people stay healthy while they are stuck inside.

My greatest fear is that while people are isolating, they will move less, & practice poor habits detrimental to their overall health.

I want to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Interestingly enough, one of the best ways to keep yourself from getting sick is by being in good health, physically, mentally, etc.

A workout/exercise routine helps with this!

I have already had a few friends, & family members reach out about building their exercise plan, and I will gladly help.

Although, we are unable to go to our favorite gym, lift that barbell, use our favorite piece of cardio equipment, or attend that group class, it doesn’t mean exercise has to, or should stop!

If you require assistance with your home exercise program contact me today, I’m here to help!

Especially during these difficult times.

Below I have included a video of a few plank progressions I did back in 2018 (But you could probably tell by the video quality ????).

You can find the full version with description on my Instagram channel (@curtis_wpgphysio).

As always this is not considered medical advice. Contact your medical provider before starting these exercises, or a home workout plan in general.

Till next time,

Stay Safe & Live Healthy

Curtis Humeniuk – Physiotherapist

CDH Physiotherapy