CDH Physiotherapy Covid 19 Update

Not Pictured – Eye Shield

Returning To In Person Care

Starting tomorrow (Monday, May.4th, 2020), CDH Physiotherapy will be open to treat clients in person once again.

This is a big deal considering that in the last 1.5 months, we have seen Physiotherapy, & many other industries, flipped upside down due to Covid 19.

Continue reading to find out about the extra precautions we are taking to keep you safe.

Video Visits

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have offered Video Visits, & are truly grateful for the clients who allowed us to treat them via the magic of the internet.

Thus far, we have received awesome feedback from our clients about this new form of Physiotherapy.

We are happy to announce that we will continue offering Video Visits to clients who prefer this option during this time.

Not sure what a Video Visit is? Click Here To Learn More!

Steps We Are Taking

For those wanting to be seen in person, we will be taking every precaution possible to keep you & those around you safe.

This includes, using a screening questionnaire to ensure clients are appropriate to be seen in person prior to booking.

You can find that questionnaire by clicking here.

You will also notice more signage around the office

These are in place to remind clients about the behaviors & symptoms commonly associated with Covid 19.

Both Physiotherapists & clients will be required to sanitize or wash their hands before and after sessions.

We will be cleaning commonly used surfaces frequently, & immediately after use.

We will be wearing masks & eye shields to decrease the risk of transmission.

As such, we are recommending that clients wear their own masks (cloth, paper, etc.)

Although, we will provide masks for those that do not have one.

Lastly, we are recommending that clients pay using forms other than cash at this time (i.e. debit, credit card, etc.)

With these steps in place we can continue to help reduce your pain, while also helping to reduce Covid 19 in Winnipeg.

If you have any questions about the measures we are taking, or to book an appointment please reach out to us at 204-290-7242 or [email protected].

Stay Safe & Live Healthy,

Curtis Humeniuk – Physiotherapist

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